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The site is long and narrow, wedged within a tight neighborhood of working families, art aficionados, actors and homeless teens. Arts and Crafts homes are to the left of the park, 60’s classic LA apartments to the right of it. And down the street, leading to the fame, tourists and excitement of Hollywood Boulevard, are lines of statuesque Washingtonia palm trees – hundreds of feet tall. Carlton Way is a side street, set in the midst of one of the most creative and vibrant urban centers of all time. Hollywood and LA are defining moments in the cultural significance of California, the US, and the world in the 20th century. Richard Neutra built early and iconic modernist homes in this neighborhood, Ed Reusche documented with deadpan art photographs, the apartment buildings and gas stations, Lucile Ball and Ronald Reagan made their literal marks here – with their stars on the boulevard. Wealthy Hollywood-types commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to build their mansions in Barnsdall Park, and the community filled with the dreamers from all over the world hoping to contribute to the general and overall urban creative energy.