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Irwindale Gold Line Station Installation Video!

from the Foothill Gold Line Extension. 


Check out this documentary about LithoMosaics!

by Anne Mudge.


LithoMosaics: Re-inventing an Ancient Art Form from Anne Mudge on Vimeo.


Botanica Seatwall Progress

Here is a timelapse clip of the Botanica seatwalls that are going to be installed soon in Echo Park!



Watch The Latest Videos on LithoMosaic

Here is a featurette showing the progress of the upcoming installation of the Metro Goldline.


Seahorse LithoMosaic Installation Video

This video shows the installation of the strikingly colorful seahorse at Shaw and Sons headquarters in Long Beach.


The Beauty of Mosaic Meets the Brawn of Lithocrete

The beauty of mosaic and the durability of concrete can now be crafted together to give your masterpiece unrivaled longevity at a fraction of the cost of other mediums currently available. Invented by artist Robin Brailsford and patented with partners at Lithocrete, LithoMosaic is a unique structural concrete process that gives you unlimited artistic control along with the speed, flatness, and efficiency of concrete.

LithoMosaic is a revolutionary new art technique allowing artists and architects to design vast, hand crafted mosaics, to be set as an integral part of monolithic concrete pours.   LithoMosaic is not your grandmother’s mosaic, and Lithocrete is not your grandfather’s concrete.  Think of city sidewalks, bridge decking and tilt up buildings, replete with a broadloom of art, design and intrigue.  Mosaic is no longer limited by scale, cost, climate or durability.  If there is concrete - there can be LithoMosaic.


North Island Credit Union Installation Video

This is the large-scale LithoMosaics installation at the North Island Credit Union in San Diego.


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